The Free Economic Zones (FEZ) represent excellent platforms that are convenient to export-oriented manufacturing companies, which intend to benefit from a preferential customs and tax regime. There are 7 FEZ in Moldova, spread throughout the country and located either near a border, or in big cities. These FEZ offer preferential conditions and a dedicated customer-oriented administration. Activities in the FEZ are limited to industrial production, packaging, trade, transportation, logistics and utilities, with priority given to manufacturing. Moreover, Giurgiulesti International Free Port and Marculesti Free Airport offer quite similar conditions to the FEZ.


Industrial parks (IP) are delimited territories in which industrial production, services provision, applied scientific research and/or technological development are carried out under some preferences. There are 8 Industrial Parks in Moldova: IP Tracom (Chisinau), IP Bioenergagro (Drochia), IP Cimislia (Cimislia), IP Raut (Balti), IP CAAN (Straseni), IP Edinet (Edinet), IP Triveneta Cavi Development (Straseni), IP Comrat (Comrat).


The Multifunctional Industrial Platforms (MIP) are the free delimited areas equipped with necessary technical infrastructure and production facilities designated for economic industrial activities (manufacturing), aiming at development of the human and material potential of the region. Currently, there are 18 MIP throughout the country




Whether you are looking to gain access to the CSI or European markets, optimize your operational costs, fnd skilled labor at competitive wages, relocate and still remain close to your distribution or assembly centers, Moldova is the country that meets your needs. With some signifcant investors already producing and outsourcing to the country, there is a large range of opportunities for companies which are seeking new production opportunities and investments. Dräxlmaier AG, Lear Corporation, Confezione Andrea, Südzucker AG, LactalisAlba, Gebauer&Griller, Steinel Electronic, Lafarge, Pentalog, Fujikura Automotive, SE Bordnetze, Coroplast, and others already established their own plants in Moldova, or source from Moldova by making use of the local sub-contractors. Bordered by Romania on one side and by Ukraine on the other, Moldova is close to both EU and CIS markets. Moldova is connected via Airports, wide and narrow gauge railways, roads and the Danube River to the whole of Europe and the Black Sea.




Resident of the free zone can be any individual or legal person registered according to law as a subject of entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Moldova, any educational institution, scientific research center and technology transfer, other entities that contribute to increasing the quality of the workforce residents.

The residents are selected by the Administration based on contest, taking into account the foreseen amount of investments and its contribution to the infrastructure development and the new jobs created.

The participants in the contest to select the residents shall submit the following documents:

  • Application for contest;
  • Copy of registration certificate as a subject of entrepreneurial activity in Moldova, issued by the Public Services Agency;
  • Copy of the document on the payment of the participation fee;
  • Business plan for 2–3 years of activity;
  • Copy of the balance sheet for the last year of activity;
  • The names and surnames of persons authorized to act on behalf of participants in the competition and to sign legal documents, copy of identity documents.